FAQ - Muscle Meals


How should I prepare my meals?

All cooking instructions can be found on our Cooking Instructions page


Which days do we deliver?

We deliver every weekend. You can use the postcode checker to see which exact day we cover your area.

If we don't deliver to your area just yet then don't stress! We're constantly expanding and we'll get to you in no time.


Can I get delivery to a secured apartment or private estate?

Sure, we're happy to sort something out. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we can organise a solution for your specific situation.


Do I have to be home for delivery?

Absolutely not. We deliver the food in a recyclable box packed with dry ice. If you aren't home we'll leave it in the coolest area near your door.

If you want us to leave it in a certain place then just let us through the "Order Notes" field when checking out


How long can the food be left unattended?

Our orders are frozen and packed with dry ice. They will last up to four hours in the shade without any problems


What's the best way to store the meals?

Meals should be kept frozen for maximum longevity. You may thaw them out 12-24 hours before eating so that they can be prepared quicker.


How long can the meals be stored for?

Frozen meals should be fine for consumption for up to 3 months but we can't guarantee the taste of the food after such a long period. We recommend ordering weekly or fortnightly.


Are your meals lactose, allergen or gluten free?

Due to the wide variety of meals made in our kitchen on such a frequent basis we cannot ensure that our meals are completely lactose, allergen or gluten free.


Are your meals perservative free?

Our meals are prepared preservative free. Since we cook fresh every week, we have no need to use unnecessary additives in our meals. Keep in mind that a few of our sauces may contain preservatives due to the use of worcesterchire, ketchup & soy.


Do I need to subscribe?

Subscriptions are completely optional although we recommend them to help get you into a routine to get the quickest results.


Which day will I be charged for my weekly subscription?

If you choose to subscribe to us on a weekly basis you will be charged on a 7 day cycle starting from the date of your first order.


Can I cancel my subscription without penalty?

Absolutely, we have no minimum contracts. Just cancel via your account page before the cutoff date for the next delivery and you won't be charged for any more deliveries. 


Don't see your question listed?

Give us a ring on 1300 055 663 or email us at team@musclediets.com and we'll do our best to help out