Our Foods


Clean eating shouldn't be a chore! That’s why our nutritionists set out to create a delicious range of portion-controlled meals to help you shred fat, gain muscle and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stop spending hours grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning- let us do the hard work for you!

We take freshness seriously. Our meals are 100% made to order and delivered to your home or office within 72 hours of being cooked. Sure, it might be easier to cook in bulk, add preservatives, vacuum seal and store stock for months. But we firmly believe that the only way to deliver great tasting, healthy food is to make it fresh- and our customers agree!

Delicious taste, delicious value. We use our bulk buying power to purchase the freshest local ingredients for less than you can at the supermarket. Professional chefs then prepare your meals to restaurant standards- for less than the cost of doing it yourself! Our unique ordering and account systems even provide comprehensive breakdowns of calories and macronutrient properties for those who are serious about their nutrition. Enjoy delicious food, amazing value and no contracts, ever.